Precision and functional specificity in mRNA decay
Yulei Wang, Chih Long Liu, John D. Storey, Robert J. Tibshirani, Daniel Herschlag, and Patrick O. Brown
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Global yeast mRNA decay profiles: Two gif images are displayed for each mRNA for its overall decay and PolyA(+) decay profiles. Each profile contains three independent decay timecourses with a best fitted non-linear exponential decay (red solid line) and 95% percentage confidence interval of the fitting (dashed red lines). The estimated half-life and 95% percentage confidence interval are listed at the top of each gif image.

  • Browse the global yeast mRNA decay profiles

  • Search individual mRNA decay profile by either Gene ID or Name.

  • Data in a tabulated format, as well as an off-line searchable browser, are available in the downloads section below.

Correlation between mRNA half-lives and general mRNA features

mRNA Half-life comparison with published data:

Statistical analysis of protein complexes:
  • Methods
  • Results a tabulated table of complexes with coordinated decay rates is available in the downloads section below.


File Size Description
Text 1.0 MB Table in text tab-delimited containing half-life information, with decay constant and 95% confidence interval for overall and Poly-A shortening decay information.
Excel 3.1 MB Table in Excel format containing the raw data for the decay time courses.

12 MB

6 MB
Image Display (version 0.85), an image decay curve browser containing the decay curves of both overall and poly-A shortening data for the yeast genome. This program is based on Microsoft Excel Visual Basic macros; enable macros upon opening the program. This program is compatible only with the Windows 9x/NT/2K operating systems.
Excel 35 Kb Table in Excel format containing tabulated data on complexes with coordinated decay rates.


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